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Our journey for αlign started when we tried to make this change at our own companies. We realized that as much as we were doing in our personal lives to try to have a positive impact (things like volunteering in our community, or buying "local") we were still living a dual life. As responsible professionals, we diligently contributed to our 401(k)s each year... and into companies that were undoing the very impact we were striving to have.  But we didn't know how to fix this - after all, if better options weren't available through our company management, we weren't going to just stop investing for retirement entirely. Getting the options changed seemed like a lofty goal - it required knowledge of finance and investment, legalize and policies that govern retirement funds, and of course the business savvy and general politics required to convince the powers at be.

Alone, we didn't know how to catalyze a change, so together, we started αlign. We wanted to bring the finance, law, policy, business, & "general corporate power & politics" skills all under one roof.  As such, we are a group of business people, policy experts, labor lawyers, and bankers who have worked at the intersection of investing and society for years. We recognize that change from the top is slow, and that without a catalyst for change, the status-quo keeps on. Retirement benefits are one of those things - people set them, and forget them - there's nothing exciting or impact-oriented about them. Until now.  We're excited to help others start the same journey to advocate for and attain corporate retirement options that reflect their values. 


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We're looking for members to be a part of the inaugural αlign cohort. You'll get personal coaching and feedback as we develop training materials specific to your needs and experiences. 

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